Stellar Luminosity was my submission to the ‘Kenney Jam 2021’. The theme for the jam was: Rotations. This was my first solo game jam and it was made within 48 hours using Unity as the game engine.

In the end I managed to to get 2nd place in the Presentation/Visuals category and 7th place overall. In total there were 361 entries.

The source code for the project can be found here:

And the submission page to the game jam can be found here:
Stellar Luminosity Submission Page

The Game:

In Stellar Luminosity you control a small ship that is able to boost out of an orbit. You have to get your timing and positioning right so you can manage to get on the right trajectory to the next orbit.

I made a total of 18 levels. And I added mechanics relating to orbits that move, obstacles that can interfere and keys that open gates.

For the visual style, to help enhance the assets, I played around with this idea of monochrome monitor look. Elements of the UI would glow vividly green. Together with a restart/reset effect that contained glitches & screen tears. That together with some post-processing helped sell the look for the game I had in mind.