Meltdown Madness is a local 2v2 couch game where you play as sloth managing a nuclear power plant. Your objective is to cool down your reactor so energy can be produced. Try to generate more energy than your rival team for that sweet ‘Employees of the Month’ reward.

This game was made in 7 weeks and is available on!

What did I do:

  • Responsible for a lot of the Shaders / Technical art. Those being the (nuclear-)water, screens, event warnings, pipe wear and other effects.
  • Made gameplay systems like the water movement through pipes and Reactors
  • Created custom post processing effects during events in the game
  • Performed graphics optimizations to help speed up the game

The Results

Meltdown Madness was the first project I was really proud of posting. It was also my first proper game on

The game managed to win the Industry Award for that year in our school. The industry award is given to the game that had the most votes from industry visitors.