Blaze is a GPU Path Tracer made with the DirectX Ray Tracing API at its core.

I started this personal project expand my knowledge of DirectX and to learn how hardware accelerated ray tracing works on modern devices.

As of the moment (13th of June, 2024) it is still being worked on with planned features such as:

  • Different types of BSDFs
  • Variance reduction
  • Importance Sampling, potentially ReSTIR GI.

Blaze’s framework has been fully written in C++. The entire project is open-source and available on GitHub:

The project duration so far is one month of free time and I started May 2024.

What did I do?

  • Written a path tracing rendering pipeline that focuses on accuracy, using the hemispherical rendering equation
  • Expanded my personal DirectX library to support the DirectX Ray Tracing API
  • Added functionality for run-time adjustments to TLAS instances, allowing for transformations
  • Added run-time adjustments to materials per TLAS instance
  • Support for 3D models using the glTF format
  • Support for EXR files to use for the environment map