ATAN is an adventure climbing game made with Unreal Engine 5. It was created with a team of 35~ developers. My main role in this project was Technical Lead and Graphics Programmer.

What did I do?

  • Spearheaded the optimization for the game so that it can run on Steam Deck and low-end devices
  • Full ownership over Steam and distribution
  • Created the main post-processing shader visible through the entire game
  • Created numerous shaders visible through gameplay
  • Managed the programmers and guided the technical challenges of the project
ATAN – Release Trailer


Over the span of 8 months I had a few areas of focus. Early on a lot of it was related to optimization. I personally wanted to ensure that the game could run on lower-end devices, something my previous projects couldn’t.

With lots of research and implementation we managed to hit target numbers. Hitting around 90-100 FPS on mid-tier hardware, and a respectable 60~ on lower-end hardware and portable hardware like the Steam Deck.

Further more I took up work in the shader front. I created the main post processing shader for the game visible on the right. Together with other effects like the sky cracks and foliage master material.

2nd Steam Release

ATAN released on June 12, 2024. It marked my second game release into the public market. It released with a ‘Very Positive’ rating and has currently over 50.000+ downloads.

The game is available for free on Steam and can be found on the right.