Perry is a cross-platform engine, with PC and PS5 as its target platforms. The engine designed to create top-down games. The renderer(s) produce matching visuals on both platforms.

The source code can’t be shared due to NDA.

What did I do?

  • Learn the fundamentals of DirectX 12 & PlayStation 5’s Graphics API
  • Develop a cross-platform renderer with matching visuals
  • Help build the engine & rendering architecture
  • Providing rendering interfaces & functionality for Engine & Gameplay programmers to work with

Rendering in Perry

I made the PC side of rendering for our engine, picking DirectX 12 as the chosen API. Together with my teammate who picked up PS5 we made the foundations of our renderer. We made a generic interface for our renderer, allowing us to add any desired platform. It received the same data so we could more easily match our visuals.

Notable features I made for the PC renderer were:

  • Support for cross-platform rendering between Windows & PS5
  • 3D model loading, support glTF files with textures
  • Options to either use Unlit, Blinn-Phong or PBR as preferred rendering method.
  • Debug Drawing with lines and meshes.
  • Light system with Directional Lights & Point Lights
  • Over 50k+ draw calls with 60+ FPS on a 2070 RTX Graphics Card

Later during the project, our team was selected to recreate a top-down shooter game with a 2.5D art-style. Because of this support for sprite rendering has been added and it still worked together with the aforementioned material pipelines.

Our focus was recreating the functionality of the game, so that next block with designers & artists we could juice the game and make it fun.

Top-down shooter example demo
2.5D shooter (with custom dungeon generation) example demo


Our engine was chosen by lectures to make a proper game with over the span of the next two blocks. I left the engine team by this time to work on Viking Hiking.

During these two blocks people worked on top of the foundations of the engine. Together with designers and artists Hellbound appeared. A top-down roguelike similar to Hades where you fight an intense boss. Gameplay of it can be seen on the right.

It was amazing to see what could be done with the custom engine within a small time frame.