Academia is a path tracer I’ve made in my free time over a period of two months.

The focus of the project was on theory. Learning the process of turning papers and research into a working product. The research topics I delved into were: Light Transport, Physically Based Rendering and Calculus.

Academia’s framework has been fully written in C++. The entire project is open-source and available on GitHub. It can be found right here:

Render done using the Kiara Interior EXR (

What did I do?

  • Written a path tracing rendering pipeline that focuses on accuracy using the hemispherical rendering equation
  • Created a multi-threaded worker system that runs the path tracing algorithm
  • Used EXRs for Global Illumination
  • Created an editor that allows the user to edit both primitives and material properties
  • Used Variance Reduction techniques like stratification and Russian Roulette
  • Post Processing techniques: Gamma Correction, Exposure, ACES tone mapping and Gaussian Filtering