TinyPBR is a self study project I started in my free time to learn about the process and theory of Physically Based Rendering.

The purpose of the project was to create a small environment where I could easily experiment with a PBR rendering pipeline. The project was made in two weeks of free time.

The renderer was made using OpenGL and C++. The project is open-source and available on Github. It can be found right here: https://github.com/stefanpgd/TinyPBR

What did I do?

  • Learned the fundamentals of Physically Based Rendering with rasterization
  • Created a simple physically based rendering pipeline, using OpenGL as its graphics API
  • Made a simple editor that allows you to manipulate the model, camera and lights in the scene.
  • Added a simple scene system, allowing the user to select their preferred model in their asset folder, loading that into the scene.
  • Detect which models & textures are presents in the asset folder, based on that provide appropriate settings for the scene system.